Flame of the Forge


The Breakdown

Hair Color: A scattering of reds and oranges, with splotches of undyed platinum whites.
Eye Color: Seafoam green
Body Type: Mildly curvy, heavily muscled and refined
Height: 6 fulm, 5 ilm
Skin Color: Terra-cotta, a soft tan under set with with reds. A life time spent beneath the sun.
Race: Rava Viera
Age: Appears: Late 20s. Actual: ???
Orientation: Pansexual
Scents: Ever lingering scent of gunpowder and grease masking undertones of cinnamon, allspice, and wormwood
Notable Features: Scattered burn marks, lightning strike scar over the left shoulder, digitigrade feet.

Loud, prideful, and hot-blooded, Ismet is a force of nature on the battlefield and in the forge. Long ago she eschewed Vieran dogma and dedication to the Green Word, taking fate, freedom, and life into her own hands. Finding talent in the art of the forge, the Viera continues to hone her craft with an eye for the unique challenges Bozjan and Garlean gunblades. Never one to back down from new adventure, her thoughts have shifted from research to the setting sun, prospects of the New World.

(There is a mare code, I don't give it freely.)

Let's Get this started

If You Want Peace... Prepare For War

Ismet is, first and foremost, a weaponsmith. She takes particular interest in using unusual materials, methods, and augmenting with a flair exclusively her own. Her specialty lies in gunblades and cartridge-augmented arms, such as gunlances and gunhammers. She is available for commissioning of bespoke arms and tools, though her prices are certainly not for the faint of heart. (In-Character gil. Story line RP.)

Eye of the Quarrel

A former resident and refugee of Rabanastre and Bozja, Ismet has served and and armed more than her fair share of souls passing through the warming glow of her raging forge. Time fades all memories, but an old customer or steel of a bygone age is never forgotten and always celebrated. To remember the past is to know the future.

The Color of The Sky

Rumors of the new world have drifted through trade routes and shipping lanes, whispering promises of boundless treasures and new discoveries. The Flame of the Forge has turned her sights to the horizon; the potential of new discoveries and skills dancing through her imagination. Techniques, materials, and styles of abroad will certainly pique her interest.

Friday Night Firefight

Ismet thrives in the chaos, through her own hand or the actions of others. A wild time in any form is a good time in her mind. Do you wanna start something? Get in some trouble? Consider her first in line, especially after a couple drinks.

The Hall of Fire and Steel


Based largely on the Great Gunblade manufactured by Garlemald and most notably wielded by Regula van Hydrus, Surta is a black-bladed behemoth of a weapon capable of firing large caliber, Garlean-issue, rounds used in anti-armor capacities.
Surta was commissioned by Odila Highblade.

XFB-00L 'Byleiptr'

Lightning set along a backdrop of pure night forms the blade of this hand and a half blade. Designed as a midway point between the user's former greatsword and a standard issue, Bozjan-type gunblade. Several unnamed gimmicks remain classified.
Byleiptr was commissioned by a party requesting anonymity.

EAFP-00α 'Gjaflaug'

A twinned edge gunblade bridges the gap between Garlean and Bozjan gunblades, allowing for use of Garlean-derived shells as well as the aetheric channeling abilities of Bozjan-type weaponry. All parts can me detached, rearranged and combined via a one off rail system. This frame will be an ongoing work-in-progress.
Gjaflaug was a gift to Athenais Crescentia in celebration of her marriage.

XCF-23A 'Ragnfríðr'

Pearlescent whites form the backdrop along silvered, long, swooping edges and design work. A wholly indulgent piece of weaponry, Ragnfríðr is a break action gunblade eschewing traditional cartridge and cylinder loading mechanisms, opting for long, aetherically charged rods. This allows for the casting of complex and immensely powerful abilities with little to no training and zero cool down time between casts.
Ragnfríðr remains in Ismet's posession as a demonstration unit and testbed.